EPSON print head removal instructions.
The instructions presented here are for basic reference and to show that if you use a little care and follow along you can remove and replace a Epson print head. Although it does show the process it is a good idea to use the service manual along with the on-screen instructions. The main reason for this page is so you can save your faithful old Epson printer. With the newer printers being so expensive to operate. Fixing your older printer does make sense overall. DO NOT REMOVE THE PRINT HEAD JUST TO CLEAN IT!!!

I have included a page from the 640 service manual which shows reference information on the adjustments that need to be performed after you replace the print head.

The instruction will cover several older Epson printer models. Including the Stylus Color 400, 440, 460, 600, 640, 660, 670,Stylus Color EX, Photo 700, 760, And others.
DISCONNECT THE PRINTER FROM THE ELECTRICAL OUTLET! Next remove the printer housing. On most models there are two (2) scrrews in the front and two (2) in the back of the printer.