BJC Angel Requires WIN 2000 drivers. Don't ask us for support on this. We are just providing the link.
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Canon Information Page.
BJ-5              BJ-10              BJ-10E           BJ-10EX          BJ-10SX             BJ-20

BJ-30            BJ-35V           BJC-50           BJC-55              BJC-70               BJC-80

BJC-85         BJ-100            BJ-130           BJ-130E            BJC-150            BJ-200

BJ-200E       BJ-200EX       BJC-210        BJ-230              BJC- 240           BJC-250

BJC-S400     BJC-S450      BJC-600        BJC-F600         BJC-610            BJC-620        

BJC-800       BJC-820         BJC-880        BJC-1000         BJC-2000          BJC-2010

BJC-2100     BJC-2110       BJC-3000      BJC-4000         BJC-4100         BJC-4200

BJC-4300     BJC-4310       BJC-4400      BJC-4550         BJC-4650         BJC-5000       

BJC-5100     BJC-5500       BJC-6000      BJC-6100         BJC-6200         BJC-6500       

BJC-7000     BJC-7004       BJC-7100      BJC-8000         BJC-8200         S9000

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