EPSON Waste Ink Pad Service page.
For most people they will prefer to clean the absorber (waste ink) pads rather than replacing them. This can be done in about 10 to 20 minutes depending on how much ink has been absorbed into the absorber pad. Wearing latex/vinyl gloves  is suggested and cold water does appear to work better than warm water does.

Simply hold the absorber pad under warm water and press the pad to remove the ink. It can take a few minutes per pad to rinse enough ink to become effective but, the ink will be completely or almost completely  rinsed out if you take enough time rinsing the absorger pads. Once the pads have been cleaned you can use a old cloth towel to absorb as much as water as you can out of the pads. Once that is done you can use a hair dryer, food dehydrator or set the pads in a warm place to allow them to dry. If you want to replace the absorber pads you can order them from 
EPSON ACCESSORY STORE.  Their phone # is 1-800-873-7766. You can also check with compassmicro